Breathable Sports Dustproof Mouth Full Mesh Filter Dust Face Mask

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Breathable Sports Dustproof Mouth Full Mesh Filter Dust Face Mask 9
Breathable Sports Dustproof Mouth Full Mesh Filter Dust Face Mask 7
Breathable Sports Dustproof Mouth Full Mesh Filter Dust Face Mask 11
Breathable Sports Dustproof Mouth Full Mesh Filter Dust Face Mask 8


Product Features:
Fine sewing

Mesh filter structure

Dustproof and Windproof

Durable,Reusable after washing

Fit the face,good air permeability

Moisture wicking,quick-drying

Comfoetable and soft,lightweight and elasticity

Additional information

Brand Name



Polyester, Spandex


Black, Red, Blue, Gray

293 reviews for Breathable Sports Dustproof Mouth Full Mesh Filter Dust Face Mask

  1. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

  2. w***i

    Ok, quite breatheable and stretchable, but presses on the tip of the nose a bit.

  3. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

  4. S***g


  5. J***

  6. K***l

  7. r***s

  8. U***l

  9. C***v

  10. y***o

  11. J***y

  12. E***r

  13. M***k

  14. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

  15. J***o

  16. J***a


  17. o***o

  18. I***a

  19. C***o

  20. Z***y

  21. R***s

  22. S***S

    Pequeñas para mi cara, pero las podre usar

  23. U***i

  24. P***Z

  25. J***

  26. B***n

  27. C***r

  28. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

  29. G***a

  30. U***r

    выглядит хорошо

  31. m***e

  32. d***n

    small for my face but good quality

  33. K***i

  34. m***r

  35. E***r

    Todo perfecto

  36. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

  37. g***r

  38. S***o

  39. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper


  40. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

  41. M***z

    Se sienten muy cómodos y muy bonitos y el material muy genial

  42. n***v

    todo perfecto recomiendo el vendedor

  43. n***v

    todo perfecto recomiendo el vendedor

  44. f***f

  45. J***s

  46. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

  47. D***a

  48. y***x

  49. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

  50. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

    Too small for my face, good for children !

  51. A***c

  52. M***p

    Excelente, mis artículos llegaron muy rápido los esperaba para finales del mes. La calidad del producto es excelente.

  53. E***r

  54. A***a

  55. J***i

  56. c***e

    Très bien

  57. J***a

  58. E***o

  59. I***a

  60. g***i

  61. Z***b

  62. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

  63. C***r

  64. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

  65. D***s

  66. W***n

  67. F***r

  68. J***R

  69. C***r

  70. X***a

  71. d***s

  72. K***i

  73. B***t

  74. C***r

  75. M***r

    Product description match perfectly. Stretch material is a bit too thin even if very comfortable. Size is too small and does not fully cover the chin.

  76. I***r

  77. g***e

  78. I***s

  79. r***o

  80. C***y

  81. L***s

  82. J***s

  83. S***v

    Fast delivery n received all 4 masks intact.
    Thank U very much.

  84. S***v

  85. C***a

  86. M***r


  87. S***z

  88. M***o

  89. J***a

  90. J***o

  91. G***i

  92. I***l

    Mask good quality but small size for a man, ideal woman and teens, sending very fast

  93. I***l

    Mask good quality but small size for a man, ideal woman and teens, sending very fast.

  94. i***

  95. S***e

  96. M***o

  97. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

    Very good quality, thank you.

  98. J***o

  99. P***a

  100. F***l

  101. M***e

  102. m***c

  103. J***o

  104. S***o

  105. J***y

  106. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

  107. M***r

    * Good article. Rewarded‼️

  108. M***r

    * Exact item according to description. Rewarded!

  109. R***r

  110. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

  111. N***s

  112. l***a

  113. P***r

  114. D***R

  115. R***a

    All OK. Good product. Than you.

  116. K***r

    Product child Women adult this use is thought than the small seemed to women

  117. z***r

    Too bad, that the nose is crushed.
    Would be better with a silicone molding for the passage of the nose

  118. z***r

    Too bad, that the nose is crushed.
    It would be better with a silicone molding for the passage of the nose.

  119. P***j

  120. G***a

  121. R***o

  122. j***j

    A little small. For child, not for adult

  123. G***l

  124. b***p

  125. L***z

  126. C***n

    very fast delivery

  127. E***z

  128. G***n

  129. Y***E

  130. S***h

    very nice item thank you

  131. E***a

  132. r***n

  133. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

  134. M***a

  135. l***o

  136. j***a

  137. P***i

    Face mask for baby.

  138. A***m

  139. r***n

  140. E***r

  141. B***r

    Is very small and leaves the cheek outside.

  142. N***i

  143. M***a

  144. B***r

  145. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

  146. B***a

    Very good, well covering, perfect thank you

  147. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

    Article as described.

  148. S***g

  149. R***s

  150. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

  151. S***i

  152. r***h

    Perfect Facemask against Corona Hype

  153. m***s

    Small for people who measure more than 1.76

  154. s***s

  155. V***v

    Good quality masks. Recommend.

  156. V***v

  157. D***g

  158. P***v

  159. D***r

    All the best, goods as expected

  160. b***o

  161. E***n

  162. E***l

  163. W***i

  164. W***z

    It’s very small I don’t recommend it gets very badly put the seller is very fast per the product no fits the face

  165. L***r

  166. A***o

  167. D***R

  168. v***v

  169. E***i

  170. C***a

    Excellent dresser

  171. W***i

    All OK according to the description I’m pleased to recommend to everyone

  172. v***i

    For a man will not be enough.

  173. N***o

    As it is not very-the impression that women’s panties pulled on Harya :))))

  174. P***d

  175. N***a

  176. L***e

  177. c***z


  178. M***v

  179. A***v

  180. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

    Good product is a little delayed to arrive but it is understandable by the pandemic but very good product.

  181. A***

  182. S***n

  183. y***a

  184. r***r

    Excellent product.

  185. C***d


  186. S***i


  187. C***r

  188. E***s

  189. L***z

  190. C***n

  191. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

  192. S***R

  193. k***i

  194. P***a

    According to the description, well made. Recommend

  195. P***i

  196. F***r

  197. M***m

  198. C***y

  199. A***n

    I really like this mask is light nice easy to wearing you can wash after use

  200. b***b

    The panties Richen something before wearing these should only be washed. Throughout I am very satisfied with the masks, this sit well, it zwickt nothing, many thanks San!

  201. V***a

  202. P***i

  203. I***i

  204. A***k

    Good and fast receive

  205. k***k

  206. T***i

    It’s too small for me.

  207. K***f

  208. T***i

  209. N***r

  210. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

  211. J***k

  212. A***v

  213. L***R

  214. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

  215. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

  216. C***r

  217. J***s

  218. M***I

  219. S***l

  220. E***l

    All the best great quality

  221. V***h

    Great mask!

  222. r***h

    Best Maske gegen Staub

  223. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

  224. E***v

    On an adult man Toko Toko

  225. K***i

  226. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

  227. E***s

  228. o***e

    Commande reçu rapidement

  229. y***y

  230. E***n

  231. B***e

  232. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

  233. M***v

    Nice mask. Inside, an additional layer with some lining inside is sewn. Of the minuses, the edge of the mask is whole and somehow ends at the left bottom of the joint with the main cloth. You could hide behind your ear or under your chin.

  234. J***a

    Very good excellent material I recommend 100

  235. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

  236. J***a

  237. I***n

    I expected q to be a little bigger. But for its function it serves. Soon to arrive

  238. D***h

    Very good

  239. P***o

  240. B***n

  241. E***v

  242. M***Z

    It’s very comfortable. The nose doesn’t cover the contour well. But to do sport well

  243. T***I


  244. L***i


  245. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

    A little small for me

  246. D***o

  247. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

  248. D***e


  249. M***n

  250. r***r

    Good product

  251. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

    received early thanks

  252. F***r

    Very good.

  253. J***d

    Well it does its functions

  254. M***c

  255. J***E

    Good value for money
    For men it is small he barely manages to cover mouth and nose

  256. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

  257. R***r

  258. G***y

  259. r***a

  260. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

  261. K***t

    Face mask meets your destiny. Convenient. What important fit-not too small. Product for Polish wanna miss within two weeks so very quickly. Detail seen your parcel. I am very happy with your purchase.

  262. B***s

  263. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

  264. C***e


  265. M***p

  266. r***r


  267. P***l

    High quality product

  268. M***a

    Best facemask ever

  269. N***O


  270. M***i

    Super quality. Very fast

  271. N***v

    All Super

  272. N***v

    All supeer

  273. U***r

    Great product, great service

  274. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

    Parcel arrived as the picture

  275. A***v

    Miniature mask, comfortable.

  276. H***H

  277. g***e

    Very good for sports

  278. L***r


  279. V***h

    I buy the 2nd time, you can stay in the mask for a long time, the ears do not hurt, it does not interfere with breathing

  280. E***r


  281. J***z

    Excellent quality product re
    Comendable 100%

  282. A***v

    The product fully corresponds to the description, breathes easily, pleasant to the body. Recommend!

  283. S***a

    The mask came on time, in Spain waited a month, the quality is good, for sports it fits perfectly, breathes well, but at the same time it does not protect you you you you Size for ordinary people is quite suitable, I’m slightly shallow

  284. J***.

    Extremely practical

  285. J***.


  286. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

    I am very satisfied

  287. N***a

  288. M***A

  289. J***r

    It’s okay.

  290. A***d

    Shapeless and ugly. But breathe norms.

  291. N***z

  292. P***s

  293. p***p

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