Luxury Vintage Genuine Leather Metal Pin Belt

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Luxury Vintage Genuine Leather Metal Pin Belt 11
Luxury Vintage Genuine Leather Metal Pin Belt 12
Luxury Vintage Genuine Leather Metal Pin Belt 8
Luxury Vintage Genuine Leather Metal Pin Belt 10
Luxury Vintage Genuine Leather Metal Pin Belt 1
Luxury Vintage Genuine Leather Metal Pin Belt 13
Luxury Vintage Genuine Leather Metal Pin Belt 7
Luxury Vintage Genuine Leather Metal Pin Belt 9


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Brand Name


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Belts Material

Split Leather



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Buckle Length


Model Number

Men Cow Real Genuine Leather Belt

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1955 reviews for Luxury Vintage Genuine Leather Metal Pin Belt

  1. T***a

    I ordered a 125 cm and got a 115 cm. This is very annoying! Mostly I can’t replace it!

  2. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

  3. v***v

  4. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

  5. A***e

    Très bien

  6. A***

    So yourself

  7. J***a

  8. A***N

  9. P***m

  10. T***a

  11. R***v

  12. G***l

  13. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

  14. J***n

  15. M***L

  16. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

  17. S***t

  18. a***a

    Belt got on time! Visually, of course, good! While I really like it! I will add later how I will use it!

  19. S***c

    all is ok.

  20. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

  21. a***a

  22. v***r

  23. a***v

  24. C***i

  25. P***a

    All OK but ie I am confident whether leather

  26. M***a

  27. J***A

    Very happy, thank you very much good product.

  28. H***J

    For 20 days

  29. A***q


  30. S***e

  31. Z***h

  32. A***a

    I arrive before the time said

  33. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

  34. a***o

  35. A***r

  36. I***z

  37. t***a

  38. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper


  39. A***n

  40. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

  41. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper


  42. S***v


  43. j***j

  44. B***r

    Seller complied with deadlines and the product description. I buy again.

    Eduardo Honda

  45. H***i

    Very good quality and fast shipping

  46. a***a

  47. R***b

  48. M***y

    Normal belt. The skin is most likely pressed. Strong smell. Let’s see how it will be worn.

  49. A***o

  50. J***a

  51. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

  52. A***v

    It’s a pleasure shopping from you! Thank you! 🙂

  53. H***n

  54. V***n

  55. g***e

  56. E***z

  57. F***r

  58. M***a

    thank you seller

  59. v***o

  60. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

  61. A***y

  62. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

  63. K***h

  64. s***s


  65. d***s

  66. A***s

    The delivery address missing the number of home.

  67. R***o

    Thank you to the seller, the order came very quickly. Purchase satisfied

  68. P***a

    Strap super skin is soft, not thin. looks and expensive and high quality. I advise!

  69. r***o

    Like product

  70. F***r

    Very pretty.

  71. ***y

  72. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

    Unfortunately, despite biggest length slightly too small. Appearance and look fantastic

  73. S***t

  74. S***v

  75. V***N

  76. f***f

    The product is dugé yakysniy, I recommend!

  77. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

  78. D***R

  79. E***v

  80. M***h


  81. m***m


  82. J***r

  83. K***g

    very happy with the product!!!

  84. H***g

  85. E***r

  86. L***a

  87. g***r

  88. s***s

    Well-received thank you

  89. k***m

    good product with fast delivery

  90. S***g

    A good belt for this money

  91. s***l

    Quality is good.

  92. K***r

  93. M***o

  94. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

  95. U***j

  96. L***k

  97. N***h

    very good, looks great.

  98. g***r

  99. b***n

  100. y***n

  101. H***m

  102. K***r

  103. K***l

    Good quality fast shipping

  104. v***v

    All OK

  105. D***x


  106. D***x

  107. К***

    Very cool, I recommend!

  108. Y***n

    I got a belt. I do not know how about real skin, but for 416 rubles it is normal.

    Got the belt. I do not know how about the real skin, but for 416 rubles is normal.

  109. Y***n

    I got a belt. I do not know how about real skin, but for 416 rubles it is normal.

    Got the belt. I do not know how about the real skin, but for 416 rubles is normal.

  110. M***v

    Good afternoon, dear seller!
    I received your item today.
    Thank you very much for the good
    Quality and fast delivery!

    Sincerely, Mikhail Pavlovich supplier.

    Good afternoon Dear Seller!
    I received your item today.
    Thank you very much for the goods good
    Quality and fast delivery!

    Sincerely, Usoltsev Mikhail Pavlovich.

  111. K***a

    Quality Super delivery fast

  112. m***k

  113. M***v

    Good afternoon, dear seller!
    I received your item today.
    Thank you very much for the good
    Quality and fast delivery!

    Sincerely, Mikhail Pavlovich supplier.

    Good afternoon Dear Seller!
    I received your item today.
    Thank you very much for the goods good
    Quality and fast delivery!

    Sincerely, Usoltsev Mikhail Pavlovich.

  114. V***z

    The first impression is very good a, belt with good thickness and a good buckle

  115. g***r

    I liked the belt

  116. g***a

  117. O***V

  118. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

  119. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

  120. z***i

  121. M***v

    Dressing the skin from the back to “5”, the rest corresponds to the entire description. + high-quality powerful buckle

  122. y***y

  123. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

    Nice belt. It was possible to take a little shorter, but if necessary, you can shorten because. Attached to the screw.

  124. Y***h

    Fine quality. Quickly delivered. Recommend

  125. m***k

  126. J***t

    Excellent. But the buckle and width of the belt in life is less massively and already than in the photo. Packing in paper and film. The belt looks quite unisex, which was needed.

  127. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

    It came in 10 days. Delivery Super. self belt normal

  128. g***v

    Thanks for the belt with the size did not lose much and so it’s OK

  129. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

    Conforma to order, leather of correct quality and flexible, thickness about 3 to 4mm, buckle as on the visual, very correct finish.

  130. v***r

    Normal casual belt, fast delivery!

  131. A***i

  132. E***o

  133. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

  134. K***r

  135. V***Y

    The parcel received corresponds to the description.
    Thank you very much!!!
    Have a good day buddy!!!

  136. c***c

  137. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

  138. h***y

  139. V***Y

    The parcel received corresponds to the description.
    Thank you very much!!!
    Have a good day buddy!!!

  140. o***o

    It’s OK, the order came quickly.

  141. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper


  142. f***j

    Shipping faster to local supply ~~

  143. K***k

    Leather is not as one a little easy dish

  144. O***k

  145. d***d

  146. K***s

  147. v***v

  148. R***g

  149. K***k

  150. A***v

    The belt looks very solid. Quality is good.

  151. M***v

  152. c***c

  153. P***a

  154. S***i

  155. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

  156. A***v

  157. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

  158. K***v

  159. K***a

    Quickly came, strongly smells like a solarka, but must weathered, and so everything is perfect.

  160. v***v

    Thank you seller. The belt came very quickly, the parcel brought the postman to the house. The goods are satisfied. Seller recommend.

  161. G***i

    Genuine Leather is definitely not J est. Belt is light, and material from which it was made looks solid.

  162. M***r

    Like everything OK. took for a gift.

  163. O***n

    Not skin. Soft, sturdy

  164. M***v

    In Kursk came in 2 weeks. Very fast. Description corresponds. I am pleased. Seller recommend.

  165. I***I

  166. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

  167. D***v

    The goods are worth their money. Went to Cheboksary for about a month. The parcel was tracked for 573.73 rubles.

  168. R***r

    order received, thanks.

  169. g***r

    Good quality belt. Satisfied with the goods. Recommend.

  170. f***f

    Perfectly matches my expectations. Deliveries quite fast in view of the current circumstances.

  171. S***a

  172. k***a

  173. j***i

  174. A***v

    The belt is very good quality. Looks like a fireman. The buckle is excellent.

  175. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

  176. A***s

  177. S***

  178. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper


  179. L***i

  180. D***h

    A little with color is not that, and the belt is quality in good packaging. It went long and without tracking, managed to buy the belt here until it reached))))

  181. I***a

    Good belt

  182. f***f


  183. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

  184. b***y

  185. A***y

  186. E***r

  187. A***v

  188. E***S

    100% satisfied

  189. j***r

    All right

  190. R***r

    The belt is super. thanks to the seller

  191. V***v

    The belt is great, I advise to buy. Thank the seller. Delivered quickly.

  192. J***a

  193. I***l

  194. C***y

  195. B***E

    Perfect perfect.

  196. R***r

    Thank you. Great Belt, still West tacoïge!!!

  197. K***m

  198. J***a

    Thank you seller, all super!

  199. S***x

  200. W***a

    The article corresponds to the description!
    Ps: Fortunately, because otherwise it would have had to go back to the commercial service of aliexpress, which to say, is strictly useless! Apart from saying sorry friends or thank you for sending the order, which is sometimes cheaper than the fraix sending themselves! No logic!!! In short if you are lucky to have a corresponding article is good otherwise it will be lost money!

  201. R***r

  202. W***a

    The article corresponds to the description!
    Ps: Fortunately, because otherwise it would have had to go back to the commercial service of aliexpress, which to say, is strictly useless! Apart from saying sorry friends or thank you for sending the order, which is sometimes cheaper than the fraix sending themselves! No logic!!! In short if you are lucky to have a corresponding article is good otherwise it will be lost money!

  203. K***r

    Cost is OK then

  204. V***v

    Thank you! Quickly, quality belt.

  205. P***g

    Received purchased item and fits well. Item as described and seller is responsive. Thank you. Seller recommended.

  206. R***r

  207. K***j

  208. A***d

  209. A***v

  210. A***s

  211. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

  212. B***n

  213. G***h

  214. G***h

  215. K***n

  216. g***a

  217. j***k

  218. F***

  219. b***l

  220. j***j

  221. K***k

    Serious non-satisfying Rea

  222. K***k


  223. A***f

    Delivered in 25 days! Quality seems good, only the smell is not clear!

  224. g***e

    Pictures and equally.
    I will like.
    Lot blue message
    Thank you very much

  225. K***r

    Good product well-received.
    The non-Chan.

  226. i***v

    I took it from the given tent, the holes in the belt are not enough. I had to add two holes myself

  227. R***r

    Very good.

  228. S***z

  229. W***k

  230. F***a

  231. g***i

  232. V***v

  233. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

  234. g***e

    Pictures and equally.
    I will like.
    Lot blue message
    Thank you very much

  235. K***r

    Good product well-received.
    The non-Chan.

  236. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

  237. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

  238. r***r

  239. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

  240. L***l

    Super product at a very reasonable price in addition with express delivery. Thank you for your transaction and RECOMMEND THIS SHOP

  241. A***g

    good product.

  242. m***m

    부드러운 촉감 괜찮은 제품

  243. f***x

    Very good quality

  244. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

  245. r***l

  246. A***g

    good product. thanks.

  247. V***z

    Second unit purchased. Quality is unbeatable. People look at the buckle and so do I. But the durability guarantees you the thickness of the belt, in short I saw it, I bought another

  248. V***r

    From the belt so stinks that you can suffocate.

  249. S***e

  250. L***s

  251. g***u

  252. I***D

  253. f***r

  254. A***v

    Everything is fine!

  255. a***o

    All very well

  256. A***v

  257. S***n

  258. M***v

  259. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

  260. E***r

  261. V***n

    Выглядит очень классно. Хорошая пряжка, приятный материал, без запаха

  262. s***y

    Belle ceinture

  263. A***o

    A good, stylish belt. I liked it.

  264. K***y

    The goods came quickly, the quality at first glance is excellent for their money, it’s a pity that the brown color is not as bright as in the photo…

  265. h***z

  266. R***l

  267. g***k

  268. V***o

  269. A***n

  270. A***o

  271. r***l

    Very nice

  272. M***C

    Gorgeous fashion leather belt

  273. R***r

    Nice belt. Thank you seller! I’ll order it again.

  274. O***e

  275. g***y

    very good product.very fast shipment.5 star.

  276. g***f

  277. D***a

  278. S***

  279. d***d

  280. R***r

  281. v***v

  282. M***

  283. K***i

  284. J***y

    Looks great!

  285. V***k

    Good quality, good product!

  286. f***a

  287. g***r

  288. R***l

  289. I***y

  290. s***g

  291. M***v

    It’s super. The goods are According. The quality is excellent. Seller recommend.

  292. A***v

    Excellent belt, very beautiful, fast delivery, I recommend to buy.
    Excellent belt, very beautiful, fast delivery, recommend to buy.

  293. K***r

    굿 쿼리티 좋음

  294. K***r

  295. A***n

  296. F***c

  297. A***v

    Excellent belt, very beautiful, fast delivery, I recommend to buy.
    Excellent belt, very beautiful, fast delivery, recommend to buy.

  298. A***v

    ремень пришёл другого цвета. Но качество ремня на первый взгляд хорошее. Далее посмотрим.

  299. i***n

    At first sight an excellent belt and externally and to the touch. Delivery is very fast, a week before Tyumen. Thank you seller.

  300. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

  301. P***a

    Vse OK.

  302. A***n

    Доставка очень быстрая. Ремень толстый. Кожа хорошая.

  303. K***r

    꽤 제법 쓸만한…

  304. N***n

    All good, delivered on time.

  305. B***v

    На самомделе ремень несколько темнее, чем на картанке продовца

  306. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

  307. s***l

  308. A***v

  309. H***v

  310. R***r

    Качество хорошее

  311. C***d

    très jolie merci

  312. t***m


  313. J***t


  314. g***g

    pasek super bardzo fajny zakup towar zgodny z opisem bardzo gorąco polecam tego sprzedawcę i pozdrawiam bardzo szybka dostawa produktu

  315. m***a

    Szybka wysyłka towar zgodny z opisem

  316. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

  317. B***l

  318. c***t

  319. V***s

  320. A***a

  321. P***n

  322. J***z

  323. K***m

  324. M***a

    пришло быстро,но по моему это не кожа… ) вид приличный!) будес носить)

  325. M***e

  326. J***z

  327. a***s

  328. R***v

    Пришёл быстро.

  329. d***d


  330. P***s

  331. d***d

    좋은 품질

  332. r***v

    пришел быстро

  333. S***V

  334. K***j

    very good!

  335. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

    Really nice

  336. a***u

  337. S***y

  338. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

  339. I***a

    Bonito cinturón de piel, se ve de calidad

  340. F***r

  341. J***l

  342. T***o

  343. V***V

  344. B***k

  345. U***a

  346. S***S

  347. R***r

  348. E***s

  349. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

    Arrived within 10days Excellent quality

  350. A***.

    Supper ! Ačiū !

  351. a***a

    Quality belt

  352. M***d

    Хороший ремень. Длина и ширина соответствует описанию.

  353. A***

    Very good quality belt, eventhough it is not leather. Rapid delivery.

  354. S***a

  355. H***d

  356. J***k

  357. F***r

    Nickel as on photo thank you

  358. ***.

    Corresponds to the description. Delivery quickly, at the point of issue in the area of residence. The belt was similar, bought in Belgium, worn out quickly. Let’s see how this one will be. Externally excellent.

  359. S***a

    Good, thanks!

  360. R***r

    Got the order quickly. Corresponds to the description. Packed well. I am pleased. I recommend the seller and the goods ..

  361. T***j

    Отличный пояс. Натуральная кожа. Красивая прыжка. Продавца рекомендую. Очень быстрая доставка.

  362. g***r

    가격대비 좋은 품질인것 같아요

  363. U***a

  364. S***O

  365. E***r

  366. F***r

  367. I***v

    Ремень отличный! Качество очень хорошее! Пришёл за двадцать дней

  368. M***z

    Very cool buckle

  369. E***g

    Good product. Thank

  370. R***k

  371. T***Y

  372. L***s

  373. G***r

  374. M***v

  375. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

  376. E***m

  377. k***k

  378. A***v

    отличное качество

  379. E***f

    Muy bonito

  380. A***o

    Товар пришёл качество хорошее.

  381. E***f

    Muy bueno!!!!

  382. P***r


  383. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

    Thank you!

  384. j***z

    El cinturón parece de buena muy buena calidad.
    Sólo falta esperar cuánto dura y a ver si no se pela.
    pero como digo parece bueno.

  385. M***n

    Качество …ничего, но по ходу не кожа и воняет ни как кожа

  386. v***s

  387. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

  388. v***r

  389. E***r

  390. R***r

  391. A***l

  392. f***e

  393. j***z

    The belt looks very good quality.
    Just wait how long it lasts and see if it doesn’t stick.
    But as I say it looks good.

  394. D***s

    Verry good Quality. Product as describet

  395. N***s

  396. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

  397. E***o

  398. H***s

  399. C***r

  400. Y***l

  401. I***v

    Шло не долго. Ремень мне понравился

  402. f***f

    I’m disappointed. There’s a scratch on the product.I think you should do a good inspection.

  403. L***e

  404. S***U

  405. A***a

  406. c***s

    Super Good or so far no problem, good belt

  407. F***r

    Very robust part. Genuine Leather

  408. M***r

  409. A***o


  410. v***g

  411. a***t

  412. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

  413. n***a

  414. G***D

    Very good looking. Now let’s see if he can hold the pace from day to day

  415. A***k

    Very quickly came the goods

  416. D***n

  417. f***f

  418. s***s

  419. C***l

    I arrive just what I ordered and in the time stipulated

  420. k***n

    Went 2 months. Must have been on foot. The belt is cool. Let’s see how worn it will be

  421. N***u

  422. V***o

  423. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

  424. M***n

  425. f***z

  426. W***w

  427. A***a

  428. P***v

  429. R***r

  430. D***a

    Nice one

  431. F***r

    tres satisfaite. idem photo. bon produit. bonne taille. recue rapidement. merci

  432. y***n

    güzel tsk

  433. M***a

  434. D***n

  435. A***r

  436. E***r

  437. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

  438. D***o

    Good goods but a little too small itself to blame

  439. L***T

    упакован был в пупырку,ничего не повредилось. спасибо за товар.

  440. g***r

    Looks very good

  441. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper


  442. s***k


  443. j***a

  444. I***n

  445. I***v

  446. J***a

  447. O***v

  448. H***t

  449. G***n


  450. J***Z

  451. f***r

  452. R***r

  453. S***I

  454. V***v

    OK OK

  455. N***r

    The belt is not bad, my husband liked it, not the skin, let’s see how much it will last. Came quickly and most importantly without smell

  456. I***z

  457. R***r

  458. J***Z

  459. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

  460. R***r

    Very good belt, I recommend.

  461. D***r

    Alles Gut

  462. O***a

    Not genuine leather

  463. A***n

  464. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

  465. J***z

  466. H***n


  467. R***r

    ремень пришел вовремя. качеством доволен.

  468. A***n

  469. C***r

  470. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

  471. F***m

  472. M***e

  473. R***r

  474. v***v

    The belt is excellent, well, and, of course, the price is lower than the store

  475. A***n

    I went a month to the south, there is a smell, but not critical.

  476. N***v

    Подошёл отлично

  477. A***n

    Excellent quality

  478. V***v

    Ремень, конечно не из натуральной кожи, но выглядит достаточно добротно, за исключением треньчика. Скобка, которой скреплен треньчик очень слабая.

  479. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper


  480. P***r

  481. T***l

  482. P***a

  483. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

  484. A***v

  485. g***r

    가성비 좋음

  486. S***g

  487. A***h

  488. E***b

    ha llegado bien estoy contento

  489. E***g

    Good product, Fast delivery.

  490. S***r

    на вид нормальный, и даже не воняет) упакован хорошо.

  491. P***v

    Получил. Всё отлично.

  492. V***n

    Коротковат и не кожа, кожзам, но качественный

  493. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

  494. a***o

  495. T***i

    jolie ceinture dommage qu’elle soit un peu petite pour moi

  496. P***A

  497. f***b

    שירות מעולה מוצר מעולה

  498. A***v

  499. f***b

    שירות מעולה והמוצר מעולה

  500. M***a

  501. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

  502. E***g

  503. O***n

  504. A***o

    Отличное качество. Каждый ремень упакован в отдельный чехол.

  505. A***v


  506. m***m


  507. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper


  508. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

    Nice belt

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