Sport Square Polarized Sunglasses – UV400

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Sport Square Polarized Sunglasses - UV400 12
Sport Square Polarized Sunglasses - UV400 8
Sport Square Polarized Sunglasses - UV400 7
Sport Square Polarized Sunglasses - UV400 10
Sport Square Polarized Sunglasses - UV400 9
Sport Square Polarized Sunglasses - UV400 11


Additional information

Brand Name




Frame Material




Lenses Optical Attribute

Polarized, UV400

Department Name


Model Number


Lenses Material


Lens Width

58 mm

Lens Height

48 mm

Eyewear Type


Item Type


595 reviews for Sport Square Polarized Sunglasses – UV400

  1. g***n

  2. E***o

    Thank you. Corresponds to the description. Look great.

  3. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

  4. f***z

  5. R***l

    Item as described, fast Shipping, like Again

  6. b***a

  7. s***n

    All well, as the description, arrived before the very satisfied date

  8. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

  9. f***i

  10. b***a

    Super bien reçu Merci

  11. b***a

  12. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

  13. A***i

  14. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

  15. B***s

    very happy, much better than i was expecting considering the price, am going to buy 2 more pairs now

  16. R***s

  17. J***z

  18. R***k

  19. J***t

  20. P***k

  21. U***r

  22. D***v

    Glasses high, very comfortable frame! Seller recommend!!!

  23. A***n

  24. k***n

  25. S***n

    Everything is cool can still be ordered.

  26. A***

  27. S***v

    Glasses just Super!!!

  28. M***i

    very good lens.

  29. a***v

  30. M***i

    very good lens.

  31. S***g

  32. V***n

    Polarized, wife like. For 210 R excellent

  33. R***r

  34. P***r

  35. A***o

    Long ship but perfect. i like. thanks seller.

  36. O***a

    5 +++всё + everything is super!!!

  37. W***s

  38. B***o

  39. P***e

  40. J***s

  41. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

  42. v***e

    Super, for this money

  43. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

  44. j***s

  45. M***s


  46. M***s

    Nice thnx!

  47. P***t

  48. m***a

  49. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

    good glasses

  50. R***r

    Delivery three weeks. Packed well. No jambs.

  51. s***s

    Pretty fast shipping. Good ones.

  52. D***K

  53. A***y

  54. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

  55. N***a

  56. A***i

    Arrived on time. Very beautiful and durable material. Buy more models.

  57. P***a

  58. M***n

  59. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

  60. c***c

  61. f***r

  62. A***a

    Ľahký plast kvalita primerane dinners

  63. Y***A

  64. a***o

  65. B***r

  66. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

    Glasses like glasses

  67. R***r


  68. M***h

  69. U***v

  70. R***r

  71. I***e

  72. V***v

    Super glasses

  73. B***h

  74. t***n

  75. A***v

  76. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

  77. o***o

  78. W***u

  79. W***s

    Good fit, very good quality, glasses polarized

  80. T***a

  81. A***

    Классссссссные glasses!!!!! I really liked and the delivery is not long-awaited! To the seller Thank you!!!

  82. J***a

    All ok.

  83. j***j

  84. S***v

  85. n***n

  86. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

  87. M***c

    Its perfect!!!

  88. I***n

    Great glasses!

  89. a***a

    Goods are quality. Seller recommend. I’m happy with the dates.

  90. P***g

    hinges are not so good

  91. R***r

  92. I***n

  93. E***v

    Points reached in 3 weeks, there is a place where the paint is erased

  94. A***a

  95. A***v

  96. A***o

  97. a***r

  98. T***a

  99. v***v

    I recommend, very satisfied

  100. A***o

    All OK

  101. X***a

    Just got here in the summer we’ll see how long they last

  102. v***d

  103. P***m

  104. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

    All super seller class in Voronezh is less than three weeks of Tawar one in one. Rekamenduyu!!!!!!!!!!!!

  105. A***v

    For the summer the gud, for the season is enough. Then the spraying will scratch or lose them at all. Earlier in the box came, now at all just glasses, but everything is intact. GUD

  106. E***i

    Glasses came in good condition! Quality is good, there is no smell, so say go in size) good frame, order!

  107. A***o

  108. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

    All super seller class in Voronezh is less than three weeks of Tawar one in one. Rekamenduyu!!!!!!!!!!!!

  109. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

    VME would not be Che, only packed in a package and some kind of insulation

  110. g***m

  111. R***r

  112. M***s

  113. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper


  114. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper


  115. M***h

  116. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

  117. R***v

  118. P***a

  119. M***a


  120. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

    Nagyon dzsesszesen áll!

  121. V***s

  122. V***n

  123. V***v

  124. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

  125. M***c

  126. b***a

    nice iteam

  127. J***a

  128. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

  129. A***s

    very good!!! better than in picture.

  130. A***v

  131. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

  132. e***e

    All Mink

  133. v***v

    Normal glasses can be ordered

  134. S***v

  135. v***v

    Normal glasses can be ordered

  136. m***m

  137. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

  138. F***a

  139. F***m


  140. A***p

  141. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

  142. D***z

  143. M***O

  144. J***a

  145. s***y

  146. D***r

  147. H***z

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  149. D***v

    Well, such for 4-

  150. J***E

  151. J***

  152. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper


  153. A***y

  154. P***c

  155. c***o

  156. T***R

  157. s***s

  158. V***h

    Glasses came in excellent condition, everything is wonderful

  159. j***a

  160. F***e

  161. V***k


  162. A***h

  163. R***r

  164. A***v

    In real life, the glasses look better than in the picture.
    The seller sends well for a very long time

  165. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

    Month jams
    Cheap-size is a bit more 컸 if the Resto random

  166. I***a

    Good ones, thank you

  167. D***s

  168. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

  169. F***n

  170. D***z

  171. M***k

  172. A***v

    In real glasses look tastier than in the picture. Seller sends well very long

  173. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

    Month jams
    Cheap-size is a bit more 컸 if the Resto random

  174. A***o


  175. A***i

  176. E***z

  177. R***r

  178. i***o

  179. D***c


  180. d***h

    Very cool glasses

  181. A***k

    The quality equal to the glasses of the shops than cuestan20-30 euros well packaged

  182. A***t

    Everything is clear

  183. A***g

  184. M***a

  185. I***a

  186. D***r

    awesome glasses for a great prize. Highly recommended

  187. A***z

    Good product and good quality

  188. A***z

    Good product and good quality

  189. A***k

    Delivery to Togliatti for 2 weeks quality corresponds to the price

  190. C***c

  191. A***k

  192. M***n

    Looks very good

  193. I***e

  194. A***t

  195. P***R

  196. o***o

    Przyjechaly in perfect condition, zadnych traces. Doszły quickly, this Kase as most recommended! Sztos

  197. C***t

    looks great

  198. B***L

    Very cool sunglasses. Recommend goods and salesman.

  199. Y***z

  200. M***v

  201. L***p

  202. P***m

  203. O***h

  204. f***z

    We will check the goods with a whole package of norms on fishing.

  205. l***n


  206. B***n

  207. A***a

  208. D***z


  209. D***g

    exactly as described. My partner loves them.

  210. I***a

    Well, very, very straight. She took it for her son. He is happy, but he is, even I’m happy. I myself love sunglasses and have them enough in large quantities and in different versions. But these glasses are beyond praise. Both quality and sun protection and design. Trying on myself. They sit easily and comfortably, they do not feel on the nose. The thing is good, above all praise. So purchase and wear with pleasure.

  211. K***s

    ㅋ ㅋ quality wholesale gantry crane cupboard below
    ㅋ ㅋ working day packing 쫌 ㅋ ㅋ
    Still the One no good Chan ^^

  212. V***a

  213. R***r

  214. V***k

  215. M***a

  216. K***s

    ㅋ ㅋ quality wholesale gantry crane cupboard below
    ㅋ ㅋ working day packing 쫌 ㅋ ㅋ
    Still the One no good Chan ^^

  217. J***a

  218. M***o

    Everything is perfect. You can’t order more, its quality/price is very good. It’s actually the fifths I buy in about a year.

  219. K***m

  220. e***m

    delivery time took 3 months from order time. bloody terrible.

  221. g***r

  222. I***o

    Good glasses. I recommend that on the market such 700 rubles are worth.

  223. J***o

  224. v***r

  225. L***a

  226. a***n

  227. R***r

  228. J***y

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  249. i***g

  250. N***n

  251. f***n

    Good quality and good finish.

  252. U***o

  253. R***l

  254. z***v

    They’re a little small, and so great.

  255. g***s

    Everything corresponds to the description

  256. N***V

  257. K***r

  258. H***s

  259. L***l

  260. P***v

  261. c***c

    For such a price, the glasses are just fire, they expected worse and with some podohoh but no, all expectations surpassed the glasses, take it, you will not regret it.

  262. P***n

  263. E***a

  264. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

  265. g***c

  266. J***o

    Product really good, recommend buying.
    Arrived in good condition the goods.

  267. J***o

    Product really good, recommend buying.
    Arrived in good condition the goods.

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  269. A***k

  270. T***l

  271. A***i

  272. O***k

  273. R***r

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  275. S***h

  276. D***v

  277. A***

    Glasses are class but came with marriage, it was not noticeable when packed

  278. A***

    Glasses are class but came with marriage, it was not noticeable when packed

  279. d***d

  280. a***a

  281. A***j

    Good quality

  282. U***r

    It took a loooong time to get here, I thought it could have been lost. The other items I ordered on the same day from other sellers got here about 30 days earlier than this order… But finally that is here, I can say is great!!!. Thank You.

  283. B***N

    Perfect! As I hoped

  284. O***a

    100% satisfied

  285. R***r

    Have returned money

  286. P***n

  287. I***k

  288. I***e

  289. M***a

  290. A***v


  291. c***.

    Goods came, went about 1.5-2 months, packed so-so, but the product is in excellent quality and fully corresponds to what is written in the description, the whole))

  292. I***n

    Super glasses, I recommend!

  293. a***e

    Some lack of finish, one glue on one of the glasses but for the price it passes. Nice frame material.

  294. J***a

  295. A***d

  296. r***o

  297. S***o

  298. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

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  300. I***o

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  305. p***o


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  307. K***v

  308. d***i

    great value for money , good communication with seller

  309. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

    Good glasses. Price-quality. Polarization is.

  310. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

    As described. very good glasses. Little bit bigger than expected,.

  311. J***a

    very good

  312. e***s

    Goood sunglasses, shipping was called long

  313. E***r

  314. f***e

    They are very well and it took nothing and less to come

  315. R***a

    All чудовoh

  316. R***v

  317. A***n

  318. R***v

  319. m***m

  320. R***

    Very good, thought it would take to get arrived early

  321. U***r

    It delivered more than two months but it’s nice. I like it.

  322. s***n


  323. Y***s

    Great product 🙂 it came a little bit late but I am happy with it .

  324. R***a

    Not received the item but was refunded.

  325. S***

  326. M***v

  327. a***a

  328. A***e

  329. E***r

    The parcel came crumpled, but everything is whole! Glasses-Super-polarized, light, stylish!!! recommend!

  330. g***r

    Glasses are awesome, with polarization, for driving the most it, and sit comfortably

  331. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

  332. J***c

  333. P***a

  334. R***a

  335. R***s

    Super fast shipping. The glasses came up. I like to recommend.

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    Super very davolen, still ordered

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  340. A***n

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  344. D***h

    Thanks, 10 stars, look very impressive. High quality, really polarized sunglasses,
    i’m recommend this seller.

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  347. D***h

    Thanks, 10 stars, look very impressive. High quality, really polarized sunglasses,
    i’m recommend this seller.

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    Glasses are good, price-quality is excellent

  349. M***e

    Cool glasses! Came fast

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  351. M***y

  352. a***n

    I liked it very much, I will order other colors

  353. B***a


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  356. D***o

  357. f***r

  358. C***s

  359. S***a

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  361. O***

  362. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

    Quality wants to be better, the problem with the glasses. in some places it seems that bends

  363. R***r

    Glasses are wonderful. Order, will not regret

  364. k***h

  365. R***s

  366. U***s

    All чудовoh

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    All чудовoh

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  380. E***i

    Best purchase ever

  381. G***u

  382. M***r

    I received my order even if with a month more late but the glasses are perfect I recommend it

  383. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

    Good glasses. I liked it.

  384. A***t

  385. C***l

  386. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

  387. C***r

  388. M***k

  389. a***v

  390. E***r

  391. P***e

  392. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

    The colors of the glasses and pins are gorgeous. No test card for polarization, chiffon or small pouch to protect. Description conforms to the order and price corresponding just to the pair of glasses but it would have been commercial to provide at least one wipe for the purchase of 3 pairs of glasses.

  393. i***n

  394. L***a

  395. K***s

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  398. P***v

    All right.

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    Less than usual. But norms.

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    Thank you, good store, good seller. Good Goods.

  413. I***i

    The product is very good , same as is describe, top recommended.

  414. M***a

  415. v***p

  416. A***v

    4 weeks to Orenburg. Track wasn’t tracked. The glasses themselves are norms, small, on a wide face will not work. Small heat is on the frame. Lenses are OK. Polarization is like there is, but very strange. 45 degrees to the left are darkened, but to the right is not. In general, just glasses. Do not wait for miracles.

  417. G***z

  418. A***g

  419. A***y

    Like to once again confirm, thank you, thank you the

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  421. J***e

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  425. I***c

  426. M***r

    Very good quality

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    норм. доставка за месяц без отслеживания. довольно тёмные, в тачке ехать не айс. для повседневной носки норм. софт тач покрытие очень быстро сотрётся.

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  429. F***a

    Product good take much more but arrived.

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  438. F***o

    Great, I really liked them. And they’re really polarized.

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  440. V***s

    Супер. Улёт уже не первыи заказываю

  441. L***m

    Chegou tudo certo, gostei muito.

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    очки замечательные! заказала вторые у этого же продавца. пришли очень быстро, за что большая благодарность!

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    шикарные очки за такие деньги.

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    очень хорошие очки

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    Excellent quality and stylish, affordable price. Stress also arrived ahead of schedule, was very quickly. Super recommend.

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    The product corresponds to the description. Quality is good. Thank you seller!

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    very quickly and very nice products

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    The product is exactly the same and looks great. Thank you very much, Mr. salesman.

  466. E***s

    The product is exactly the same and looks great. Thank you very much, Mr. salesman.

  467. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

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  469. J***A

  470. D***r

  471. e***e

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    Schön und solide verarbeitet! Super preis/leistung!

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    chegou tudo certinho ! sem nenhum defeito!

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    отличные очки

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    Top, schneller Versand, tolles Produkt, gerne wieder

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    Great workmanship very good qualityand goods as per this cene very fast delivery swietny contact sprzedajacym, all recommend cooperation with this sprzedajacym

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  505. Y***v

    There are rubbing on the bow but it’s not scary, although a little not pleasant well, and the quality for your money is very good, I advise

  506. V***l

  507. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

    Ok shades, looks of good quality.

  508. R***z

    Little because it came oy

  509. b***a

    top sunglasses for low price

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  512. M***a

    easy weight pkastic, nothing to do with any brand but looks really good, deep blue view, its ok, nice

  513. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

  514. B***c

    Very beautiful am satisfied

  515. M***i

    For such money, more than adequate glasses. The glasses are quite transparent, Muti and distortion did not notice

  516. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

    Good item. thank you 😉

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  520. U***a

    This nice my husband is delighted with them I recommend

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  525. m***m

  526. C***y

    Tres belle

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  528. N***k

  529. G***a

    I order not the first time. Quickly erases the top layer from sea water. Points are good if you do not soak will last a long time.

  530. A***w

    Great shades. Super slick and solid polarized lenses

  531. L***a

  532. D***d

  533. M***s

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  542. C***a

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  545. H***a

  546. B***n

    Received in good condition

  547. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

  548. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

  549. A***o

    Good quality and stylish sunglasses. Packed very well, it came without any damages. Lenses little bit darker than expected. It have polarization, but it not excellent.

  550. c***n

    Previously 삿 modern materials such as did but English four frameless four key, english is not gay times buy stock

  551. T***o

    Order on 11 November and received on 3 December

  552. y***h

  553. M***a

  554. G***o

  555. o***v


  556. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

  557. P***k

  558. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

  559. E***b

  560. l***b

  561. C***z

  562. M***a

    The glasses are just as they appear in the photo, even better than I expected, they have a soft touch and crystals quite well! And for the price you have, I recommend it! (I have them in the car so I don’t upload photo) haha

  563. D***r

  564. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

  565. L***m

    looks great fast 20day delibery. keep it up! follow my music on Instagram Youtube @liranelal

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  567. c***c

  568. l***b

  569. F***o

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  572. g***g

    Нормальные очки, как с близком посмотрим.

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  574. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

    I arrive out of date but I arrive well

  575. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

    Good product excellent quality equal to description

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  577. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

    Good quality product.

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  579. e***s

    very good quality. product as described and well packed.

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  581. J***o

    Good product. It matches the description.

  582. P***r

    To much waiting the glasses are nice but you need to work it out the Delivery is really much time waiting

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  589. A***a

  590. v***v

    I’m sorry I ordered them! Came quickly, the lenses are super cool! Eyes don’t get tired. The picture is not distorted. And the quality is just fire!

  591. Y***a

  592. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

  593. a***r

  594. E***o

    Pleasant tactile, look good

  595. S***k

    Delivery to zaporozhya 3 weeks. Tracked all the way. Shipping ukrmail. For this price-norms., for one season is enough. Polarization is present ..

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