VIVIBEE Photochromic Matte Black Sports Sunglasses

(3928 customer reviews)


VIVIBEE Photochromic Matte Black Sports Sunglasses 10
VIVIBEE Photochromic Matte Black Sports Sunglasses 9
VIVIBEE Photochromic Matte Black Sports Sunglasses 8
VIVIBEE Photochromic Matte Black Sports Sunglasses 7


Additional information

Brand Name




Frame Material



Goggle, Drive, Outdoor Sports

Lenses Optical Attribute

Polarized, Photochromic, Anti-Reflective, UV400

Department Name


Model Number


Lenses Material


Lens Width


Lens Height


Eyewear Type


Item Type



Blue, Red, Grey, Greem


UV Protection




photochromic sunglasses men

3928 reviews for VIVIBEE Photochromic Matte Black Sports Sunglasses

  1. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

  2. m***l

  3. V***v

    Everything is fine

  4. N***c

  5. r***r

  6. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

    Good quality foor the money. FAst delivery

  7. N***a

  8. A***h

  9. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

  10. I***v

    Good glasses, comfortable, polarization test paper works.

  11. K***r

  12. Y***m

  13. E***v

    I advise …..

  14. s***s

  15. D***l

  16. M***r

  17. T***r

  18. s***a


  19. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

  20. B***i

    They look good. Delivery month with small.
    You can take

  21. A***u

  22. E***

  23. A***a

    Excellent glasses. I recommend to buy. I recommend the seller.

  24. m***a


  25. l***l

  26. K***a

  27. K***v


  28. P***m

  29. V***n


  30. M***s

  31. m***t

  32. M***t

  33. P***i

  34. O***O

    Long shipping.

  35. E***a

    A bit clear protect little

  36. J***o

  37. D***v

    It’s okay. Came very quickly

  38. B***a

  39. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

    seller recommended

  40. M***n

  41. I***v

    18 days to Kazan, packed in an air mattress, glasses pondravsya, rekamenduyu

  42. K***g

  43. E***a

  44. A***h

  45. S***a

  46. M***k

  47. N***e

  48. A***v

  49. j***u

  50. E***r

  51. O***o

    Still haven’t seen that work and darken the light

  52. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

  53. K***e

  54. E***a

    I bought it in the car, on the test with a fisherman work

  55. S***n

    Great glasses!

  56. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

  57. S***r

  58. B***n

  59. r***

  60. O***a

  61. J***o

  62. a***a


  63. R***r


  64. W***p

  65. f***f

  66. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

  67. V***s

  68. O***a

  69. I***n

  70. a***m

    Good quility product. product came fast. thank you

  71. R***r

  72. P***s

  73. A***k

  74. Y***v

  75. N***v

    The goods arrived on time. On my face are small, not in size. Darkening works weakly.

  76. E***A

    The glasses are very light, the lenses are even, without a wave, the sun darkens, the Test picture is visible. Went to the salon optics, There checked for protection from UV-said that it was normal. I had to undercut the influx of plastic and bend the overhead element, but for the price of 254,57 ₽ satisfied, sit smoothly and tightly. Packing in a thick layer of pouches and a package. Seller recommend-quickly sent the order.

  77. M***i


  78. R***u

    Ordered on 10 Nov. 2019, today is 30 Jan. 2020.
    Sunglasses never receive. After 3 months of waiting, i finally opened dispute. Seller immediately agreed to give full refund.
    Seller is very helpful and trustworthy.
    Recommended to deal with this seller.

  79. j***z

    Good quality and on time

  80. m***t

  81. T***s

  82. W***o

  83. H***s

  84. Z***u

  85. A***j

  86. B***r

  87. M***l

    Glasses norms, but not very. Took for driving in the dark. I tried, the light from the meeting does not blind, because it does not dissipate.

  88. M***k

  89. s***o

  90. S***i

  91. j***j

  92. o***o

    All Super I’m happy.

  93. N***v

  94. R***v

    Delivery is very long. Instead of the blue insert on the side, Green. But the glasses comfortably sat down, the color in the sun and in the shade is equally clear. Does not blind or obscure. Polarization is weakly there. For fishing will be just right and in the car useful. The price corresponds to the quality. Who is not in a hurry, I recommend.

  95. S***v

  96. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

    Perfect. Same as the photo

  97. I***o


  98. F***z

    It’s very good quality

  99. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

  100. A***m

  101. K***

  102. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper


  103. H***s

  104. P***o

  105. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

  106. L***c

    Your pekne.

  107. a***a

  108. m***m

  109. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

  110. F***n

  111. K***y

  112. z***a

  113. m***d

  114. O***i

  115. A***k

  116. C***r

  117. s***s

  118. A***r

  119. j***o

  120. M***a

  121. M***a

    Glasses of very good quality, came without a single damage, packed securely. Before Transnistria passed 1.5 months. Seller recommend.

  122. V***v

    Points of excellent quality for such money. i recommend.

  123. D***u

  124. M***i

  125. p***r

  126. U***j

  127. P***j

  128. N***s

  129. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

  130. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

  131. s***s

  132. c***z

  133. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

  134. A***o

    Super!!! Lenses are comfortable. Chameleons are real!!! Polarization 100%. There are no distortions, everything is smooth. The assembly is excellent. The seller is sociable. Delivery is fast (10 days). The service is wonderful. Seller respect. ***** Recommend

  135. D***r

  136. F***i

  137. C***N

  138. M***

  139. S***i

    in md au venit in 14 zile pînă acum e super

  140. f***f

  141. o***i

  142. C***a

  143. S***y

  144. K***i

    Very nice product

  145. m***m

    Eyepieces on vuzka oblichja, yakyst-norms, delivery to Ukraine-33 days

  146. S***v

  147. n***c

  148. M***s

    Long to me jechały but it firmly by confusion caused by virus. Sunglasses cool adhere, polarization works can see it in the picture. Workmanship for this price I believe that super. Przetestuję as will sunny weather and napiszę anything else.

  149. J***s

    Very nice sports glasses, great for bike and sports. Close to the face, not blowing into the eye.
    Very quickly delivered, 15 days, thank you

  150. L***a

  151. K***v

    Good polarization glasses works, darkening in the bright sun until you check was not possible

  152. M***m

  153. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

    good item

  154. V***v

  155. A***C


  156. S***V

    Glasses cost their money

  157. E***r

  158. V***k

  159. m***h

  160. g***g

    The product is very good like

  161. a***l


  162. A***g

  163. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

  164. D***e

    very good glasses

  165. D***s

  166. O***s

  167. T***r

  168. A***r

  169. S***n

    Good glasses, not for machine

  170. A***n


  171. h***d

    Good product serious seller recommended

  172. E***a

    tot ok.

  173. O***.

    What price, such and quality.

  174. V***v

  175. E***z

  176. V***

    Thank you!

  177. J***r

  178. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

  179. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

  180. v***v

    The first impression is super, how will show themselves in the business look

  181. l***l

  182. A***u

  183. M***d

  184. M***t

  185. P***i

  186. m***y

  187. m***m

  188. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

  189. I***a

  190. J***x

  191. B***i

  192. a***a

  193. M***p

  194. M***e

  195. d***n

  196. V***y

    Great glasses. The case is made of rubberized plastic. Pleasant to the touch and does not slip. Polarization, as stated, is present. The Border of Light and Shadow with rapid movement is not noticeable, the glasses cope with 100%. I recommend the seller and the store.

  197. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

  198. R***v

  199. G***a

    good quality! will buy again!

  200. S***s

    The item was defective. But seller was not responsible for. The seller and the Aliexpress case management team helped to sort out the issues.

  201. A***n

  202. E***e

  203. P***k

    O. K.

  204. R***r

  205. A***v

    Thank you to the seller!

  206. m***v

  207. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper


  208. A***v

    Polarization is, came up perfectly.

  209. M***h

  210. I***v

  211. s***s

  212. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

  213. E***k

    The most honest and reliable seller. Thank you very much! Seller and shop recommend! Glasses Super! Buy in this store!

  214. A***v

  215. r***h

  216. A***e

  217. A***v

  218. M***a

  219. R***v

    Corresponds to the description. Photochromic effect and polarization is

  220. a***v

  221. b***b

  222. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

  223. C***i

  224. D***v

    It’s like the description. Delivery to Saransk month.

  225. R***r

    Long no time check glasses, thank you seller for understanding glasses not photochromic, polarization is but a weak part of the money was returned

  226. M***k

  227. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

  228. M***a

  229. E***a

  230. I***a

  231. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

    Great product ! Good store ! Five Stars !

  232. A***a

    Glasses according to the description look on average (7/10) note: if someone has wider face glasses would be too narrow; for me are the butt
    For that price Worth; shipment dotarła in 17 days;

  233. K***y

    Glasses are not very darkening, but do not distort at all and do not bring discomfort. Polarization is not completely stupid only sometimes to remove glare you need to slightly tilt your head.

  234. U***A

    All as in the description. Inserts Blue-metal painted, where the paint-light was erased, do not eat well. If you choose better without inserts.

  235. M***k

  236. a***v

  237. A***a

    Glasses according to the description look on average (7/10) note: if someone has wider face glasses would be too narrow; for me are the butt
    For that price Worth; shipment dotarła in 17 days;

  238. U***v


  239. R***n

    OK, month to Perm

  240. R***r

  241. P***d

  242. V***v

    Good glasses, came quickly, comfortable enough without distortion

  243. V***o

  244. O***a

  245. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

  246. G***k

    Color change as described, comfortable and sporty looking

  247. G***k

    Color change as described, comfortable and sporty looking

  248. s***s

    Everything corresponds to the description
    Nia what he wanted and thank you is worth this money

  249. g***s

    Polarization have photo chromability yet haven’t checked packed well

  250. b***b

    Well received by one face of back and forth ratio than left & right ratio big photo Paper for face shape well fit the shows. Code than the ball first image.

  251. s***s

    Everything corresponds to the description of Nie what I wanted and thank you is worth this money

  252. A***v

    Very stylish glasses, really chameleons. packed well. Big wipe cloth. It is possible for sports, as tightly cover the skull, dust and insects and dust will not fall into the eyes.

  253. E***s

  254. b***b

    High quite OK.

  255. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

  256. N***o

  257. V***s

    Good seller, fast delivery to the EU Latvia 30 days, well packaged, good quality. Recommend.
    Good seller, fast delivery to EU Latvia 30 days, well packed, good quality goods. Recommend.

  258. A***k


  259. V***s

    Good seller, fast delivery to the EU Latvia 30 days, well packaged, good quality. Recommend. Good seller, fast shipping to EU Latvia 30 days, well packed, good quality goods. Recommend it.

  260. R***r

    Perfect, fast shipping.

  261. m***v

    Everything corresponds to the description, the quality is good.

  262. G***S

    very nice

  263. b***b

    Price contrast. Finish is not bad.
    Shipping and packaging for safety: This machine is not only glasses day… still case does not provide a good enough I want. Wholesale. Price a price for the Bonnie.. Frozen potato production if 엏 or talk.
    Home facial CR is a different case writing what kind.

  264. L***t

  265. b***b

    Price contrast. Finish is not bad.
    Shipping and packaging for safety: This machine is not only glasses day… still case does not provide a good enough I want. Wholesale. Price a price for the Bonnie.. Frozen potato production if 엏 or talk.
    Home facial CR is a different case writing what kind.

  266. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

    good quality, fast delivery

  267. A***v

  268. J***k

    Super, děkuji and doporučuji ostatním.

  269. V***v

  270. I***s

  271. A***v

    Glasses photochromic and polarized! …. But sooo long went!

  272. W***k

  273. V***k

  274. g***r

    Dorazilo za 14 dní..Kvalitně zabalené 🙂
    Shipped very fast and arrived in 14days. Great product, armored package 🙂

  275. g***r

    Dorazilo za 14 dní..Kvalitně zabalené 🙂
    Shipped very fast and arrived in 14days. Great product, armored package 🙂

  276. P***a

    All OK so as the description listing

  277. S***I

    Goods arrived in 5 weeks. Recommend

  278. A***v

  279. S***a

  280. D***o

  281. V***n

    Delivery month. Quality for such money norms. Photochromic effect is minimal and did not open a dispute as it is still present

  282. v***m

  283. K***v

  284. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

  285. G***n

  286. N***a

    It seems that the glass is ordinary and not chameleon. Or the difference to the eye is not noticeable.

  287. R***r

  288. M***g

    very super slowly shipping.

  289. K***t

    Points are counting. Advise. At dark time almost transparent, in the sun dark.

  290. O***z

    Good quality

  291. D***t

  292. N***o

  293. O***a

  294. A***i

    Fantastic product

  295. G***r

  296. J***s

  297. J***a

  298. R***I

  299. f***r

  300. M***a

    Satisfied. Thank you!

  301. H***j

  302. K***k

  303. F***g

  304. N***t

  305. v***r

    I thought it would be more fun, but so ZBS

  306. J***y

  307. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper


  308. S***y

  309. T***a

    good, thanks

  310. M***v

    Glasses norms, for their price. Delivery Super 20 days

  311. l***A

  312. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

  313. Z***h

    The product has arrived, very good quality, fast delivery, thank you!

  314. A***o

    I do not know how about photochromic, if there is not a big effect, and so the glasses are not bad, in the Sun and in the shade is not visible well, I recommend the product and the seller thanks.

  315. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

  316. V***a

  317. I***e

  318. K***v

  319. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

  320. s***l

    really works glasses great

  321. H***e


  322. v***y

    Glasses are super, the goods correspond.

  323. S***y

  324. J***y

  325. D***r

  326. E***r

  327. s***l

    really works glasses great

  328. S***v

    The glasses have passed the test, recommend to buy at 100%, change color in the wreckage weather. In the photo, it can not be seen well. Thank you.

  329. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

  330. J***k

  331. C***r

  332. A***z

    Good quality, exact description. Dialogue with good seller.

  333. A***v

    The glasses are excellent, sit well, the test pass, not worn yet, when the sunlight gets dark really! Thanks to seller and good sales.

  334. D***r

    Super fast delivery. top glasses

  335. A***z

    Good quality, exact description. Dialogue with good seller.

  336. a***v

    Good glasses, sit comfortably, light, поляризація present, about that hamelions it or not-I can not say, my eyes feel comfortable! As the sun appears on the street, I will unsubscribe about polarization. Recommend.

  337. i***v

  338. A***a

  339. P***x

  340. m***m

  341. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

  342. K***a

  343. B***h

  344. B***k

    super okulary

  345. a***a

    Great glasses. Chameleon. Polarization. Photochromic. In the kit a small picture, the image can only be seen through glasses. It’s been a month. Packed reliably. Plastic quality. They sit perfectly. It is worth buying definitely.

  346. s***v

    Excellent glasses for your money, but not ideal

  347. M***k

  348. c***s

  349. D***e


  350. R***r

  351. a***a

  352. M***k

  353. S***e

  354. l***a

  355. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

  356. A***s

  357. p***p

  358. A***v

  359. J***a

  360. R***i

    The fullness of the points correspond to the description. Do not distort. Seller sent point quickly, but the delivery is working very slowly. The glasses went for a month.

  361. R***a

  362. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

  363. V***r

    Great glasses very much liked

  364. D***s


  365. d***o

    Very fast and excellent quality. Good vision for driving. Thank you

  366. R***f

  367. S***v

  368. V***d

  369. J***o

  370. s***n

    Everything is fine. Came in less than a month. Packed well, inside the cloth and picture to check polarization. Fit in size. Sit comfortably. Seller recommend. I will check on fishing

  371. R***a


  372. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

  373. S***a

    The arrival time in RB is about 1 month, packing is many layers very tight pupyrki, in the package, glasses, a cloth and a card for checking. Surprised by the decent quality of the glasses themselves, the frame with rubberized coating, sit perfectly, do not slip, the arms sit tight. Glasses photochrom, in the bright sun did not check, in the room the glass is almost transparent. Points while left a pleasant impression, let’s see their action in the Sun (while raining).

  374. i***n

  375. A***n

  376. f***f

    All is Well delivery fast

  377. G***p

    Is OK

  378. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

  379. G***p

  380. O***k

  381. A***h

  382. O***k

    Could have been Buti dunnishi. The view is not very much in inosili. Podivim shcho in the house.

  383. S***s

    Sunglasses look okay. Have not tested the photochromic part but suppose it’s the same as other sunglasses I have. Very nice for a half cloudy day but they don’t get dark enough for a real sunny day.

  384. M***n

    Quality at the level, I really liked it. Came for a month and a half

  385. G***k

  386. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

  387. F***d

    Not received any thing yet but hopefully the quality will be good deserve 5 . Dear seller Cainiao and yanwen failed to deliver in Pakistan preferably send by Canada post or Singapore post.

  388. A***i

    All OK, could be minimally larger for me, however I do not have any objection.

  389. M***n

    Great sunglasses, recommended.

  390. G***s

    Arrive quickly. Looks solid. Nevertheless does not become very black in the sun. Rather light gray.

  391. i***s

  392. H***s

  393. F***d

    Not received any thing yet but hopefully the quality will be good deserve 5 . Dear seller Cainiao and yanwen failed to deliver in Pakistan preferably send by Canada post or Singapore post.

  394. P***k

  395. o***o

  396. V***s


  397. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

    It arrived soon
    Very cool

  398. S***i

    Fast shipping, all good

  399. I***a

  400. D***a

  401. B***o

  402. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

    It arrived soon
    Very cool

  403. K***r

    Points came within 2 weeks. It was packed well, in the kit a picture for checking polarization and a rag.

  404. p***z


  405. C***v

    I did not have glasses.

  406. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

  407. E***r

  408. D***a

  409. g***i

    Glasses correspond to the description, I recommend

  410. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

    product as described, prompt delivery

  411. U***U

    The goods are according to the description

  412. P***p

    Gyos szállítás!

  413. k***v

    Like norms

  414. E***c

  415. S***k

  416. A***y

  417. S***r

  418. F***y


  419. U***U

    The goods are according to the description

  420. S***n

    Gorgeous glasses really most beautiful up now

  421. A***v

    The glasses correspond to the declared parameters.

  422. R***g

    received. thanks.

  423. Y***I

  424. A***n

  425. s***a

  426. E***r

  427. I***r

    Good deal. Thank you

  428. O***a

    Thank you all corresponds to the price and quality.

  429. P***z

    Very good quality, perfect

  430. S***s

    Looks good. Description fits.

  431. Y***k

    Terrific… finish little tribal…

  432. Y***k

  433. Y***o

  434. V***o

  435. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

  436. M***n

  437. I***n

  438. J***s


  439. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

    good stuff

  440. J***h

  441. R***Z

    Perfect thank you

  442. S***I

    Goods arrived in 4 weeks. Recommend

  443. y***l

  444. R***s

  445. J***k

  446. M***a

  447. J***k

    Fast shipment, the goods well packed. Recommend This seller. :))))))))))))

  448. g***a

    In the dark do not shine, let’s see how it will be in the car

  449. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

  450. A***o

  451. p***p

  452. Z***s

  453. c***i

    Very well made recommended

  454. A***y

    Item as described.

  455. g***j

    Super product

  456. K***r

    Thank you very much

  457. J***k

  458. V***v

  459. r***a

  460. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

  461. g***g

  462. j***j

  463. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

    Great sunglases. Pleasant and clear

  464. w***i

    Have reached in very good condition. After 17 daniach.
    Thank you and best regards.

  465. J***l

    Thank you beautiful

  466. D***a

    Arrived quickly but at the expense of blackout until tried. It seems dark. Sit perfectly and not curves.

  467. M***i

  468. M***a

  469. S***d

  470. L***d

  471. w***i

    Have reached in very good condition. After 17 daniach.
    Thank you and best regards.

  472. J***l

    Thank you beautiful

  473. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper


  474. R***s

  475. i***v

    Excellent glasses, I order the second time.
    Polarization is, photochromic is present, although not big but it is.

  476. D***o

    Transforming to dark tone not superb. light tinted only

  477. A***s

  478. J***h

  479. V***k

  480. J***f

  481. m***m

  482. J***r

  483. C***z

  484. i***v

  485. i***v

    Excellent glasses, I order the second time.
    Polarization is, photochromic is present, although not big but it is.

  486. R***s

  487. D***

    Very quickly.

  488. S***v

  489. V***a

  490. R***s

  491. S***c

  492. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

  493. T***y

    My son really likes the sunglasses.

  494. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

    Photochram is weak

  495. j***a

  496. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

    Nice and function. Best price

  497. p***p

    Great glasses. Plastic feels like rubberized. Pleasant to the touch. Glasses do not create the impression of cheap. Not curves or slants. I order the second time. I’m happy with everyone.

  498. f***r

    Pack has come in 20 days of zamowienia , dokladnie and comply with opism

  499. M***c


  500. O***k

    The deal went well, the goods were delivered quickly.

  501. R***y

  502. F***z

  503. J***n

  504. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

  505. M***r

  506. J***a

  507. L***a

  508. A***v

  509. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

  510. P***k

  511. L***k

  512. A***i

    The entity somewhat clear but still good… Thank you

  513. J***z

  514. Deep Woods Apparel Shopper

  515. C***r

  516. J***o

  517. F***i

  518. r***r

  519. S***i

  520. A***l

  521. A***s

    Very good quality for that price. 100×100 recommended.

  522. J***s

    Lack of proof

  523. s***s

  524. s***s

  525. R***n

  526. r***t

  527. S***n

    Packing is no, but the goods are surprised. photochromicity and polarization are present. I recommend both the product and the seller, but the packing is preferably harder.

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    good glasses, polarized and adaptive lens tone. definitely worth the price

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